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Welcome! This is a health and fitness blog. I enjoy eating noursihing foods and being active. I do Paleo/Primal most of the time (meaning like 6 days a week) and the 7th day I allow myself to loosen the code a bit :) If you wish to know more, please email me! Hope you enjoy!
I'm 5'0
GW:144*~CHECK~* :D
UGW: I don't care as long as I'm healthy :)


It’s finally spring and those incessant reminders to start your spring cleaning are showing up EVERYWHERE! But who has time for all that cleaning, especially when you have so many other things to do, like getting your sweat on at the gym?!

We’ve got great news, ACTIVATORS: we’re multitasking…

LOL omg this is too funny but great ideas hahah